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Subway Surfers – Gather Keys And Coins For Making Things Simpler

Subway Surfers is developed with the combined efforts of kiloo and SYBO Games. It is published by Kiloo Games and designed with single player mode. In the game, the interested ones are able to enjoy endless runner content. It was released on May 24th, 2012. The Subway Surfers cheats are providing assistance to the players in improvising the performance and achieving objectives quickly.

Game essentials

For enjoying the game, the interested ones are required to make sure that they are having a good amount of essentials (currencies). It has two major currencies such as –

  • Keys
  • Coins

Keys are the premium currency that can be earned hardly. The keys are mainly used getting the premium content. Coins are the primary currency that can help you in unlocking different types of elements. The interested ones need to maintain a balance.

Subway Surfers Keys & Coins Generator - Click Here!

How to gather funds?

All gamers are finding best sources for gathering lots of keys and coins. Now I’m going to introduce some major methods in the following details.


For the collection of keys, everyone needs to put lots of efforts. It does not an easy task to earn a big amount of keys quickly. With the assistance of Subway Surfers hack, this particular process is becoming easier. The tool is designed with the addition of some unique features. These features can help you in sorting out lots of issues.

If you are going to access services from the currency generator then you do not need to put efforts. All you need to do is follow a small and simple process only. The process can help you in placing the request for funds with ease. After placing the request, within a few minutes the amount is credited to the account. Some want to gather keys by following game ways.

  • Get while running

When you are playing the game and running on the tracks then you will get some keys. Keys are appearing rarely and you should not miss the chance to grab them. During a run, you are able to get maximum 2 keys. In case anyone wants more, then he/she needs to abort the run and starts new one.

  • Mystery boxes

The game is associated with different types of objectives. All objectives are tagged with some rewards. When you achieve the objectives then you can claim such rewards. Sometimes, the players will get mystery boxes as the reward. If the players are lucky then they may get keys from the boxes.

  • Watch ads

Subway Surfers cheats can help you in getting desired amount of keys. In case anyone wants to get it for free then they need to invest a few seconds. By watching the promotional video of a few seconds, the interested ones are able to get keys as the reward.


  • Go for a long run

The running tracks are filled with coins. On all steps, you can find a good amount of coins. Everyone needs to run strategically by which they can easily gather all coins. If we talk about the amount then it is based on the number of coins you collected during run.

  • Complete daily challenges

All players are assigned with some daily challenges. By completing these challenges within given time period, you are able to claim a reward of coins. It can help the players in boosting the amount quickly. In case you are finding the easiest one then Subway Surfers hack is the best option.

Final words

By following above mentioned methods, you are able to gather funds quickly. With it, you should keep one thing in mind that never spend keys and coins on useless things.

How To Earn Keys And Coins In Subway Surfers?

subway surfers hack

Subway Surfers Keys & Coins Generator - Click Here! 

Subway surfers is an Arcade game with a five-star rating on Google Play Store by Kiloo. This is an entertaining game that you can play whenever you want to get unlimited fun. The main goal of the players is to run into obstacles. They should try to protect them from being caught by the inspector and his dog. In this game, you will get so many rewards from the super mystery boxes. You can also opt for the weekly hunt to get awesome rewards.

Coins and keys have great importance in the game, which players should collect to make progress faster in the game. Beginners need to collect unlimited coins so that they can use them later for several purposes. Players can also make use of Subway surfers hack to get assistance in acquiring in-game currencies. With the help of this, players can get rid of problems related to the shortage of in-game currencies. 

Watch advertisement videos 

To earn enough coins in the game, players should pay appropriate attention to some crucial factors. There are many advertisement videos available that players need to watch. With the help of these videos, players can earn coins that have a significant role in the game. By watching every advertisement in the video, you will be rewarded with two coins. Every day you can watch only one video, but it is the easiest method to earn coins.

Play the game perfectly 

Coins are the main currency that players can earn in numerous ways. Well, coins are also required for some power-up upgrades as well as other purposes. Earning coins is not as easy as you think, and that’s why you should focus on some crucial factors. Try to collect more and more coins while playing the game, and you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. It is also important for players to stay alive and collect lots of coins. They should also try to save up coins in the game to avoid all further issues. 

Take part in daily challenges 

There are many daily challenges in the game that you should complete to claim your rewards. In the form of rewards, you can get a huge number of coins. At the initial stages of the game, you can complete these challenges with ease, but later, you may face numerous complications. Try to get more and more coins by completing different challenges. It is a genuine method to collect a huge number of coins, and that’s why you should always take this method into consideration.

Link your account with Facebook 

While playing subway surfers, you can also connect your game account with Facebook to claim bonuses as well as extra rewards. Never forget to connect with Facebook because it is one of the simple methods to get lots of coins in no time. In addition to this, players can also choose the alternative of subway surfers cheats. By using this tool, players can get the desired number of coins without struggling with lots of hassles.